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Getting Lean with Protein

The Benefits of Protein and Organic Protein Powder

If you’ve ever spent any time around a gym, you’re sure to have seen advertisement after advertisement for high carbohydrate/ high protein “post-workout recovery drinks”. Most likely it is a fitness model with an absurdly low body fat smiling because now he or she is experiencing the benefits of a post workout endorphin rush and the immediate energy boost of at least 50 grams of carbohydrates (IE: SUGAR).

However, I have a bombshell I am going to have to drop on you; some companies have been known to hire models to promote their products and influence us to buy. And sometimes these companies will even hire models who have never even used their product. And in the case of these models, I can almost assure you, that anyone walking around with a sub 5% body fat hasn’t reached that goal with excess sugar flowing through their arteries, even if it’s right after even the most intense of workouts. These high carbohydrate/high protein drinks are depicted as the solution to low energy levels after your workout, but actually they are what is keeping most people from realizing their ideal body composition.

Why? Because all carbohydrates (yes, that means all breads, pastas, starches, cokes, candy and rice) are metabolized like sugar. In fact if you adhere to the government sanctioned “food pyramid”, you’ll be ingesting upwards of 2 cups of pure sugar per day!

In theory a post-workout, high carb drink makes sense. After a workout when your energy levels have been exhausted, you need a little extra energy (in the form of carbohydrates) to replenish your muscles and aid your body to recover/rebuild from your workout. Sort of like a government bailout.

However, this theory is only half right; PROTEIN is the only thing you should be replenishing yourself with. PROTEIN is the key. Carbohydrates, on the other hand, are what make you FAT. So reconsider your decision my friend, and put the overpriced sugar drink back in the refrigerator and wait until you get home (or back to the office) to enjoy a LOW carb/ HIGH protein drink.

The reason you don not need to worry about replenishing your body’s energy stores is that your body has a built in regenerator; say hello to my little friend...Growth Hormone. Growth hormone is the body’s own version of steroids.

We’ve all heard of growth hormone, but what is it exactly? According to weight loss experts, Dr.’s Mary and Michael Eades, "Human growth hormone is a profound anabolic, or tissue-building, hormone produced in the pituitary, a small gland located at the base of the skull, and secreted at intervals throughout the day. It causes muscle growth, repairs tissue, mobilizes fat stores, and shifts the metabolism to the preferential use of fat."

They go on in their explanation; "Exercise stimulates the release of a powerful surge of growth hormone, which promotes repair and rebuilding of the muscle broken down during the workout...As you lift weights, your straining muscle develops microscopic tears. These minuscule injuries apparently call forth the growth hormone that then repairs them and, in addition, actually stimulates the growth of new muscle fibers to augment those with the microscopic damage. All the while this repair and tissue building are going on the growth hormone converts the muscles into little fat-burning machines and promotes the release of fat from adipose tissue to ensure them a steady supply of fuel."

However, the release of growth hormone comes with one stipulation; the absence of high glucose levels, (or the sugar that carbohydrates provide the body.) In other words, Santa won’t come down the chimney until the kids are in bed. (Growth Hormone won’t sanction the burning of fat if anything but low to no sugar is present.)

"Since increased glucose levels inhibit the release of growth hormone, it behooves us to avoid anything sweet, starchy, or otherwise carbohydrate laden...Any of these substances will give us an elevation of blood glucose that will inhibit the normal shot of growth hormone...always perform your workouts on an empty stomach. Don’t consume any carbohydrate snacks anywhere near the time of your workout, or you can kiss your growth hormone good-bye."

So how do we make sure we have the necessary elements to rebuild our muscles as well as create an environment that invites Growth Hormone to make an appearance? It’s simple: add a protein powder that has little to no carbs at least an hour after your workout and watch the body transform itself from jiggly to rock hard.

I recommend using Biotrust Time Release Protein Powder. I like this product because the protein comes from grass-fed cows which means that we’re getting the nutritional value of the green grass that the cows graze upon, as apposed to whatever junk the commercial farms fed the less fortunate bovine.

“You are what you eat”. If your cow has been dining on heavy starches like corn or grain, in order to fatten them up, then you are sure to get the residual benefits of “Mr. Fatcow’s” high insulin levels and excess sugar. If however, you eat cows that have been eating what nature intended, and what their stomachs were designed to digest, then we’re getting the benefits of a healthy cow’s nutrient rich diet.

If you are going to take the time and energy to exercise and heal yourself from the inside out, why not spend the extra time and feed your body the best sources of sustenance available? If you take care of yourself, yourself will take care of you!

Sources: “Protein Power” by Dr.’s Mary Dan and Michael Eades

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